City Wonders: Helsinki - Collector’s Edition

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City Wonders: Helsinki - Collector’s Edition

Your urban guide to art made by accident + limited edition signed print!

What would Leonardo da Vinci do today? Graffiti on a subway wall? Design mobile phone apps? Paint chewing gum blobs on pavements?

Gone are the days of traditional oil on canvas. Art has changed address. Meaning we need to know where and how to look for it.

City Wonders is a mini city guide series for discovering unexpected art.

This issue collects the best samples of found objects, colors, shapes or “whatever is” found from the streets of Helsinki. Each image has a made-up story about its possible meaning or interpretation.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition “City Wonders: Helsinki” at The Finnish Museum of Photography (24.8 – 29.10.2017).

Special Features:
Limited edition signed print, 40 x 50 cm, Hahnemuhle matt fibre 200gsm, edition of 20.

Size: 12 x 17,4 cm
Pages: 72
Illustrations: 27, full color
Texts: English, Finnish
Binding: Sewn open spine
Edition of: 20
ISBN: 978-952-68784-0-9